Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Watch who you associate with...

This video was seen on Hannity & Colmes on Friday and last night on The O'Reilly Factor. Some workers for the defeated Rep. Cynthia McKinney was getting ugly with the press using anti-Jewish epitaphs and throwing around the word Uncle Tom. It was some ugly video for sure.

The people in this video were identified as members of the New Black Panther Party. Let me just emphasize the NEW part since the have no connection with the original except in name only. In any case the people who were involved in this incident were on Hannity & Colmes on Friday. According to Ms. Underestimated was a man by the name of Hashim Nzinga.

In any case he basically was running his mouth and none of what he said was exactly coherent. He wasn't saying anything but talking some hate. Using logic wasn't going to work here. Even the Hannity & Colmes resident liberal, Alan Colmes said that Nzinga even caused him to stick up for President Bush. After that interview I just wondered why he even bothered showing up because the man just came off with some issues.

I've come to conclude the McKinney lost because she didn't watch who she associated with. Of course I can also say that she may have ran with that crowd and have about the same ideas. What I can also say is that Rep. McKinney just plain self destructed and I don't know if I should say that it's sad.

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