Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A few days ago a vlogroll addition today a blogroll addition...

Don't confuse this with the Unofficial Chicago Public Schools blog. They both have similar designs, but there is a new Chicago Public School blog known as Teacher X. Education seems to be something of a recurring theme around here with Regnef and school overcrowding.

Check out the first blog post over there...

It's not the kids. It's never the kids. It isn't their fault the system is what it is. Don't ever blame the kids. Not only won't I discuss my students, I won't discuss where I teach. This blog is solely to discuss (and quite frankly make fun of) the bizarre policies and unpredictable behavior of the Chicago Public Schools. I hope you well all join in the fray. Just remember the one rule, it's not about the kids - don't discuss them - talk about anything else, just not the kids. (Insulting your principal probably isn't a smart thing to do either).

Have a look.

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