Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cell phones spill secrets

I must say that to a point cell phones irritate me. When I see a person walking down the street and it appears they're talking to themselves then I look a little closer and I see they have a headset. Or people seem to air out their business on a cell phone and it doesn't matter where they are it could be in public. That irritates me keep that crap at home.

Better yet there are those who use a cell phone to make it seem that they are sooo important. That they have such interesting and dramatic personal lives or that they're such big shots that they want everyone to hear. No we don't and I don't particularly say what you say.

I'm not saying cell phones are all bad. They're good for emergencies and not only that people do conduct business on them on the go. Unfortunately it's just the latest luxury that people seem to take advantage of in my opinion. People abuse it. They abuse it when they go behind the wheel and try to talk on the phone.

Well I have one more reason to dislike cell phones. If you own a business or are carrying on a forbidden affair be careful. You're cell phone might have become a person journal/diary/record of secrets you wouldn't want anyone to know about.

Cell phone users either give their old phones away to a friend and that friend sells the phone on E-Bay or the cell phone users sell their phones themselves. Either way a hacker or a thief can find a way to pull some dark secrets out of a cell phone. Either way two experts in this field have some advice before you decide to upgrade to another phone...

Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, a respected computer security expert, said phone owners should decide whether to auction their used equipment for a few hundred dollars — and risk revealing their secrets — or effectively toss their old phones under a large truck to dispose of them.

What about a case like the Lothario whose affair Trust Digital discovered?

"I'd run over the phone," Zatko said. "Maybe give it an acid bath."

Read the article at MSNBC.

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