Monday, June 26, 2006

What happened here???

This really makes me mad. This story happened over the weekend and this is just sad and cowardly. This resulted in an unnecessary loss of life. And now it seems these fools were targeting not a five month pregnant woman and her son but probably her brother.

Calumet City police investigating the shooting deaths of a 22-year-old pregnant woman and her 3-year-old son said Sunday they believe the woman's older brother may know something about the shooting, though they stopped short of saying he was involved or calling him a suspect.

"Most folks who lose their sister in a type of act like this voluntarily come forward to police, and he has not," said Pat O'Meara, Calumet City police chief.
About 1:15 a.m. Saturday, a gunman opened fire on the small house in the 500 block of Garfield where Sarah Moore was sleeping with her son and another child, spraying 30 rounds from what police say was an AK-47-type assault rifle.
This Calumet City neighborhood has seen trouble for a while now and here's another interesting connection...

In 2003, a woman was found strangled, with a plastic bag over her head, at 510 Garfield.

The following year, during Republican Alan Keyes' unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate, the Maryland resident rented an apartment in the brick two-flat across the street from where Saturday's shooting occurred.

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Cynthia said...

This makes me mad too.

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