Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stroger suffered a stroke as you all know...

It's been in the news that he was taken to a hospital when he wasn't feeling well. Then we find out later that he had a stroke. So whatever medical problem he had yesterday morning it has gotten pretty serious.

Either way I have found an interesting blog entry from The "Broken Heart" of Rogers Park. Check out this blognote from that entry...
Blognotes: Dr. Simon makes $391,550 a year with the county government at John H. Stroger Hospital as Mr. Stroger's personal doctor. Why didn't Mr. Stroger go there to be treated?
Imagine if Stroger could have realized that going to Stroger Hospital or Provident Hospital on 43rd Street would have proven to be a good idea. I guess it would be a citizen's dream for the powerful to see what they have been serving us. Or at least recieve a dose of reality that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Anyway of course the questions have now come up as to whether Stroger can continue to serve as Cook County board president. This in addition to actually campaigning to win the election. Also how and who would they replace Stroger on the ballot?

I get the feeling Stroger was going to lose anyway, and I'm talking about the primary. The thing is there are those out there no doubt who believe that even if Stroger is able to remain county board President that he may not survive his next term. Either way for those with a stake in this, Stroger's health and what's next in the aftermath, should be a major concern.

The possibilities are laid out in the article I linked to from the Chicago Sun-Times:

If Cook County Board President John Stroger quits:

1) Before Tuesday's primary: Challenger Forrest Claypool would be the Democratic nominee.

2) After winning the Democratic primary but before the November general election: The 80 Democratic ward and township committeemen would appoint whomever they wish to replace him on the ballot.

3) After winning the general election but before newly elected commissioners take office in December: The other 16 members of the County Board elect a new president among themselves.

4) After any new commissioners take office in December: The new board of commissioners vote a new president from among their ranks.

Abdon M. Pallasch

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