Monday, February 27, 2006

Louis Farrakhan is back...

Rush Limbaugh played some clips of Louis Farrakhan's Black State of the Union speech. Every year you might see a program talking about the state of black American on C-Span. I didn't really follow this but this apparently occurred over the weekend. This forum was hosted by journalist Tavis Smiley. In any event the firey oratory of Louis Farrakhan (if you listen to Rush Limbaugh his name is Calypso Louie) could you believe everything he says.

Let me just preferace this by saying that I'm not a Louis Farrakhan supporter. I don't agree with everything he says and I sincerely doubt that he represents the point of view of a majority of blacks. I wish I had editing software to just give you what Minister Farrakhan has said. But having known Farrakhan through the news for a while his rhetoric is something I'd expect from time to time. I definitely would call it very hateful, but I'll let you make the call.

I will link to a Rush transcript and then you may listen to a soundbite for as long as it's available. I also want to add an earlier post about Minister Farrakhan regarding his comments which could point to the Democratic Party. So I will link to that too.

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