Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Million More or Less March

I was listening to the sound bite at Rush Limbaugh. Haven't gone to a soundbite from him for a while. Anyway he did a little segment on the Million More March that took place in DC last Saturday. Basically while one could refute Louis Farrakhan Calypso Louie, Rush's nickname for him) his assertion (which I'm skeptical about) that the levies in New Orleans were dynamited. He also took aim at the Democratic Party who may have an interest in continuing this assertion. Check this out...
CALYPSO LOUIE (Louis Farrakhan): We need to think about a new political party. I really want you to think about that. The Democrats have used us and abused us, and they look at the black and the brown and the poor like this is a plantation and our Democratic leaders are like the house Negroes on the plantation of Democratic politics.

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