Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Mind's Eye...

I'm starting a new project. Not sure how it's going to take shape however I just wanted to do something more creative. Originally I was going to blog over there about anything but that concept has run its course. I can do that over here too I can opine on a lot of things here too while at the same time still discuss politics and current events.

Over there at My Mind's Eye I intend to go into the more visual realm while I can keep this blog my more literary or more accurately a written journal about current events and politics and a few other things. So basically there will be more pictures over there than anything else. That's not to say you won't see pictures here, you will. I may continue to have the Flickr badge here for a while though I may decide to do away with it at some point.

Other projects well you may see them over there too. I don't want to wet any appetites. All I'll say for that is, they will come when they come. And I sincerely hope you can find what I do interesting.

In the meanwhile the work there is not finished. Since this is me rebuilding a blog I already started that just mean I have to tear it down to start anew. I've already given it a new template though what I have now isn't by any means the final one, but this does allow me to do some much more than I was able to do before. This also means that the posts I've compiled over there will be deleted. So enjoy them while you can, if I can bring some overhere I will. At least those that might fit here.

I will continue to refine the blog so expect in time a Feedburner button, some of my favorite links, and maybe even a Flickr badge as well. Well in any event have a look at the other blog and give me some feedback. I really like feedback.

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