Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Topinka's candidacy...

She has been touted as being able to beat Blagojevich but I see this post from IllinoisPundit and I see that it's possible that she won't be the candidate to beat. According to another article I picked up from a link from IlliniPundit, there was some attempts at shuffling to insure that this primary doesn't turn into a problem which could very well result in the victory of Rod Blaogojevich.

It seems the possibility of a Topinka victory will be wishful thinking in either the primary or perhaps more likely in the November 06 election. She delayed her response because she wanted significant financial support she'll be facing a hefty Blagojevich campaingn fund as other candidates for governor. Now that it looks like she's in the question is can she win.

Well let me share these links and hopefully the right person comes out of this election cycle next year. I'm going to do more research into this.

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