Monday, November 07, 2005

Topinka may run for governor...

There was a post from IlliniPundit and then the Chicago Tribune.

There were hopes that she would run for re-election as the Illinois state treasurer. I suppose she got the money and support she needs. I do question if she is the right candidate, during her brief tenure as Illinois GOP chairman she presided over a rather disgraceful period when the original GOP nominee for the US Senate Jack Ryan resigned his nomination and in his place was Alan Keyes.

I would hope however that the GOP can keep it together in this election and not engage in an expensive and negative campaign. They need to unite against a candidate but if I'm to believe the analogy between the national Democrats and IL Republicans, who is to say Topinka won't just become Illinois' version of John Kerry.

I can say one thing about Topinka, we will know where she stands.

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