Friday, September 02, 2005

When the bell rings...

Everything is supposed to stop. In the PBS video Morehouse Men there is a segment that takes place during Freshman orientation. It is impressed upon the students that a Morehouse Man answers the bell whenever it rings. Since I've been at Morehouse College the bell has never rung at least in earshot.

Today it did. While I only stayed a few minutes this was only regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One of my Morehouse brothers held up and Atlanta Journal Constitution with a big caption of "We're like animals trapped we need help". There was a picture of an old man cover with an American flag and other images.

They wanted to call us into action. I may not volunteer my time, however, I'll use whatever dollars I have to help the relief efforts in the hurricane affected area. I hope many of you will too.

I just have to add that these are also one of the many times that I wish I had a camera down here. Well I don't have a camera of anykind down here with me right now.

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