Thursday, September 01, 2005

An appearance on campus yesterday.

I was going to dinner after leaving the Library on campus. I was walking through Clark-Atlanta University and there was a presentation going on outdoors. There wasn't a big crowd especially since the dignitary giving his presentation was the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

As I said I could have easily walked past this little speech without paying attention because there wasn't a big crowd there. There wasn't any news people around from any major TV stations. Perhaps some reporters from area newspapers and from the Maroon Tiger or other student publications. In fact it wouldn't surprise me to find this in any student publication at some point.

In any event, he talked a little about oil, the Iraq war (without merit he said about it), and even took a shot at tax cuts for the wealthy. He connected the profits of oil to providing opportunities for health care, education, welfare and maybe a few other programs. It's clear that he has a position against the was. In fact one time on his weekly Saturday morning broadcast (seen on Channel 36 Chicago Access Network or CAN-TV at 10AM-11AM) when it was popular to do so he said he wanted Donald Rumsfeld brought up on war crimes charges.

In any event I may not always agree with the Rev. Jackson and there are points where I won't agree with him on and hopefully points where I'm with him. He also mentioned the killers of African Americans. He mentioned drugs cocaine, heroin, etc. Those are killers and blacks do seem to be the most affected. Using the fact that these drugs come from Latin America he used the idea of oil and their profits I guess with the idea that those who produce the drugs will have other options other than profiting from the addictions of others.

Honestly I didn't stay long. I was hungry but down here at the AUC whether we're talking about Morehouse, Spelman, Clark-Atlanta, and Morris Brown, the prominent blacks of our nation will make their way here.

EDIT: BTW, there were plenty of student around here sporting Rainbow/PUSH coalition T-Shirts. Who knows if their actually members of if they gave them out for free.

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