Monday, August 29, 2005

More on Barack Obama....

You know there was a thread on PW about the junior senator from Illinois. They were questioning what he stood for on various issues. I understood that he has made voted in the affirmitive on abortion but then what else has Senator Obama voted for.

I'm a Rush Limbaugh listener honestly. He says the "liberals" have trouble being honest with themselves. They can't come out and say what they stand for so they have to dance around their core issues and seem less liberal. He would also say that the liberal agende doesn't always go forward with the voters so they must cheat. Instead of putting an iniaitive on referendum, in the legislative process, or anywhere else. They have to initiate actions in the court system.

You may want to ask how the Senator got elected then. One could say that he had two factors going for him. First, he's black and second he's a Democrat. His relative youth may definitely have helped. In my opinion it was not enough to elect a black senator and being black may not be enough what does this individual stand for. Jesse Jackson Jr. as least has something to stand for and he's made that abundantly clear as he has many times as he sets his sights on Chicago's mayoralty but what about Barack.

He has been touted as a future presidential contender and I'm sure there are those who consider him the next great black hope. The question must be whether he can deliver. Well I don't want to mindlessly attack Sen. Obama I will praise him when he deserves it.

I will give two points.

1) His pell grant bill (from Wikipedia)...

In late March 2005, Obama announced his first proposed Senate bill, the Higher Education Opportunity through Pell Grant Expansion Act of 2005 (HOPE Act), which aims to raise the maximum amount of Pell Grant awards to help assist American college students with paying for their tuition. Obama announced the bill at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and said, "Everywhere I go, I hear the same story: 'We work hard, we pay our bills, we put away savings, but we just don't
know if it's going to be enough when that tuition bill comes.'" [6]

2) A story that I saw in the Chicago Tribune a very class act move on his part. He was with Jesse Jackson as he was picketed by some young protester for his failures to bring in opportunities for those who he purports to advocate for. He went to this group to give them his contact information and had hopes of talking to these young people.

So that's the deal. I just hope that he can keep his eye on the ball and not become like some of his other colleagues in Washington. Some of them unfortunately can't reason their way out of a paper bag (one day I'll explain that one). Hopefully he can be that breath of fresh air everyone wants to see.

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