Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Brief History of Father's Day...

I'm late and I hope everyone had a happy Father's Day. I hope everyone spent some time with their fathers (assuming he's still alive) and it's good quality time. My father is no longer with me but there are moments that I wish we could spend sometime together. When he passed away I didn't imagine what I'd miss out on.

In any case for those who are fathers or who want to be fathers some day (as I aspire to at some point), here is an article about how this tradition started it's a hell of a story. About a daughter who wanted to celebrate her father who became a single parent because his wife died while giving birth. This is only one part of this story I know but I wanted you guys to have an idea on what this meant to the person who started this.

Happy Father's Day! from the Illinois Leader 6/19/2005

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