Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rep. John Lewis on Terry Schiavo

This was from Rush Limbaugh. Congressman John Lewis had his own take on this issue over Terry Schiavo. There is a battle to keep this woman alive. I don't exactly know all the fact so I won't opine, but John Lewis who was active during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Had his own take and one that I don't totally agree with...

Mr. Speaker, why have we come here tonight? Where is the respect for individual responsibility?

It is waved like a banner in this chamber. Where is the respect tonight for states' rights that we say we uphold so dear? If we really believe in those values, we will stay out of Terri Schavard [sic] life today and let the decision of her husband and the rule federal courts stand. Leadership must lead. Tonight this leadership is a taillight. It is not a headlight for democracy and for a citizen right to privacy that it should be. This is demagoguery! This is a step in where we have no business. This is working where the angels fear to tread.

In the 1960s he march against those states who violated his and other African-Americans' rights. For those segregationists this was a state issue, but the federal gov't got involved and said you can't do that. They passed legislation in Congress and they also used the courts. Now in the Terry Schiavo case he wants to invoke states' rights. It seems to me he shouldn't give a damn about states' rights. In the Schiavo case he does argue for states' rights.

From what I understand the whole trial of Mrs. Schiavo is over whether she wants to die or even if her husband is to decide her fate. It's also over whether she is very incapacitated. Again I don't know all the facts, but it does seem as if the Democrats don't want Mrs. Schiavo to live and the GOP wants her to live. Again I can't say much but there seems to be a big divide over this issue and it is possible both sides are using this issue for political grandstanding.

Perhaps I'll opine more when I know a little more about this issue.

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