Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Death of the Valiant" - The Fate of Earth's First Starship

[VIDEO] The voyages of the starship Valiant formed the basis of the second Star Trek the original series (TOS) pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Basically at the beginning of this episode Mr. Spock was pulling data from the Valiant's recorder that had been floating around in space for decades after its destruction.

In this video we get a little bit more with regards to the Valiant. We see them leave the galaxy as USS Enterprise did in the second pilot and we see them attempt to recover from such an action. Then we see the ship's ultimate destruction due to one crew member's response to his newly discovered extra-sensory perception.

I've always though this would be a story that should be produced one day. We explore it in this video although it's just an exercise in CGI animation. The rest of the story which we didn't get from the pilot episode came from a Star Trek novel The Valiant which featured another Captain of a starship named Enterprise - Jean-Luc Picard.

Oh yeah this posting is in homage to the time I could watch not only a replay of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), but also an episode of the original Star Trek on Sunday nights. In fact on Saturdays you can watch a first-run episode of TNG and then at 10:30 Sunday nights you can watch a repeat of that episode. Then at 11:30 PM episodes of TOS. All of this on Chicago's WPWR channel 50!

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