Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some good posts by Chicago Argus...

The blogmaster, Gregory Tejada had a good post about the possibility that Joliet might lose their status as a prison town. It's a good read but I don't want to talk about that.

The post about the wrangling over airport expansion is Chicago caught my interest. I remember that they wanted to build an airport on the southeast side although that proposal never went forward. Basically why O'Hare hasn't expanded yet, or there isn't an airport in Peotone or even why Gary isn't anywhere close to its potential is because of short-mindedness and politics.

Former governor and convicted felon George Ryan was mentioned...
Meanwhile, Indiana officials continue to push for small-scale development of Gary-Chicago International out of hopes that future political mood swings could allow them to be ready to accommodate a future major expansion.

What I remember the most about the 1991 bi-state commission airport hearing was listening to Ryan when he said he could never, in good conscience, make any type of vote that would support putting a Chicago-area airport in Indiana.

That logic is so short sighted.
George Ryan was on a bi-state commission to determine where an airport would be placed. He voted for Kankakee, the first I've ever heard that although I couldn't say at the time that I would have understood that or followed it closely. Peotone has been proposed for many years and Gary, Indiana. Well the only time I knew about that was when an agreement was reached between Daley and then Gary Mayor Scott King.

I would imagine Gary could use the boon of an airport. Especially since it's a struggling town and it needs jobs and industry. Still because some can't get it together for new airport capacity or allowing a Chicago area airport across the state line, especially if it's cheaper to do an airport that's already built is unfortunate. I wonder why it's more important to make allowing for a solution difficult than it is to allow a solution to be made?

Anyway another good post to read over there is about how a GOP candidate for Congress dropped out of his race a couple or so weeks after he won the primary. I guess I understand that better after reading that piece but if this is not something you really wanted to do, then the best bet is to not go for it in the first place. It could save some humiliation.

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