Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Illinois Business Roundtable says no we can't to improving Illinois government

I haven't opined much about the Constitutional Convention lately, but here's one group who thinks voters shouldn't consider convenining one courtesy of Progressive Advocacy. As you should know by now, voters are to decide if we will have a state Constitutional Convention in 2010. We have to vote on this every 20 years.

In 1988, apparently Illinois voters didn't want a constitutional convention. In general though the landscape in 1988 was much different than it is now. I sense a general dissatisfaction with state government today. THough I hope voters use clear heads when they vote for a convention. In 1988, perhaps there wasn't a need for change although there might have been those interests who did what they could to keep things as they are now.

Still I would err on the side of change and I hope people vote for change. All the people got to do is decide that there should be change. I think the state of Illinois would be better off if the people of Illinois took back their government. That means asking for a convention to either amend the state constitution or to totally rewrite the document.

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