Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sen. Clinton appeals to the sistas of Delta Sigma Theta

Well while blacks generally support Obama, I do wonder how much support Clinton may have among black women. If I recall correctly there are those who had a problem with Oprah supporting Obama because it was felt that as a woman she should support Clinton. I don't agree with that and one should support who they want to support. It's how it should work.

Since Hillary isn't hot right now, according to the Black Greek Network (hmm we haven't heard from them in a while) the New York Senator makes an appeal to the ladies of the black collegiate sorority for their support....
A final face-off between Democrats running for president: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate once again in Cleveland before the primary on March 4.

Hillary Clinton, making the hard sell to women at a student rally Monday night.

Daytime host Ellen DeGeneres cut in, helping Clinton spell out the high stakes in next week’s primaries.

Earlier, Clinton appealed to the women of Delta Sigma Theta, one of the country’s largest black sororities, highlighting one member’s Oscar bid.

“The Delta’s are a who’s who of women who have stood up and who have led, who have changed this country for the better. And I know you were all rooting for Ruby Dee,” Hillary Clinton said.

Polls show Barack Obama has made huge gains among women since December. In Dayton Monday night, Obama said he and supporters are the real deal.
The question here is mostly likely if this could help Hillary in Ohio. I wish I knew but I think this year's elections have turned out a lot of surprises and it won't be over until either party holds a convention.

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