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Oh lord: 'Goonies have got to go'

This morning's Mary Mitchell column, very sad and senseless story and a suggestion for those of you who walk city streets either downtown or the neighborhoods to put the cell phones away. Especially if you are having a casual conversation with anyone. Check this out...
They didn't shoot him. They didn't stab him. They didn't even beat him badly enough for the paramedics to identify him as injured.

But the battery of 14-year-old Dreyvon McCray by an unidentified gang of boys in Roseland a week ago caused a brain injury so severe that Dreyvon is fighting for his life.

"I usually take him everywhere," his father, Cornell McCray, told me on Friday. "On this particular day, we had a lot of functions planned for Saturday, and I had him take the bus to the barbershop. I'm doing everything I can to try and find out who did this to him."

On Friday, Dreyvon turned 15 in Oak Lawn's Hope Children's Hospital, where he is still in a coma and fighting pneumonia.
Dreyvon, an honors student at Longwood Academy Charter School on 95th and Throop, was attacked in what has been described as a "war zone."

He was approached shortly after getting off the 103rd Street bus -- the same bus route that Blair Holt was on when he was killed in May by gunfire that erupted on the bus. Michael Pace, a 16-year-old alleged gang member, was charged with Holt's murder and with four counts of attempted murder.
You would think that the spotlight would have kept the thugs and gang-bangers from business as usual.
But it was broad daylight, about 3:30 in the afternoon, when a group of boys -- possibly led by an older man -- attacked Dreyvon. His mother got a frantic phone call from a passerby while she was at work.

"Miss, your son is laid out in the alley," the caller said. "Looks like your son has been jumped on," he said. The good samaritan checked Dreyvon's body to make sure he hadn't been stabbed or shot. He stayed with him until his mother arrived.

"I grabbed my keys and ran for my car and a co-worker stopped me and took me to 29 E. 102nd St. When I got there, the man was bringing my son from the alley. When Dreyvon saw me, he collapsed.

McCray called 911. The paramedics who examined Dreyvon at first told his mother they didn't believe he had been injured because there was no visible signs of the beating.

But when McCray got in the ambulance, she saw her son vomiting in a container.

Dreyvon told his mother that he caught the 103rd Street bus on Halsted. He got off the bus at 103rd and Michigan and had to walk to 104th and St. Lawrence. He was talking on a cell phone when a man wearing a blue shirt and black hat walked up behind him. The unidentified man asked Dreyvon if he could use his cell phone.

Dreyvon said no. The man hit Dreyvon, then called out the names of three or four boys who joined in the attack.

In the middle of telling his mother what happened, Dreyvon began to throw up blood.

By the time Dreyvon got to a hospital, blood was coming out of his ears, his mother said.

After an MRI on her son, doctors told McCray they had to perform emergency surgery on her son because a blood clot was pressing on his brain. Without surgery, her son could die, McCray was told.

"They took him into surgery at 9:05 p.m. He's been unconscious ever since."
It doesn't make any sense does it? It does to the people doing this crap. The column didn't mention if they took his cell phone or not. If they beat him up just to beat him up these cuys got problems. They just want to beat people up if they just simply need an excuse, any excuse, to beat someone up.

Here's where the "Goonies" you see in the blog title come from...
Several people who live in the area have already told them they believe the "Goonies," a street gang operating in the area, are responsible for the crime.

The Goonies also were mentioned as the gang involved in the rivalry that led to the murder of Blair Holt, who was also an innocent bystander, on the 103rd Street bus.
Yeah Mitchell is right, these "goonies" have to go and people should be afraid of getting off the bus or talking on a cell phone and getting assaulted by some hooligans.

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