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Sunday, December 04, 2022

Shapiro reacts to 'Is 5 years old too young to medically transition?'


[VIDEO] Ben Shapiro reacts to a video by Ami Horowitz where he passes around a petition to people on a university campus in California (probably) with regards to a five-year-old child wanting to transition to another gender and her very wonderful parents are preventing that. Unfortunately there are a lot of people willing to sign that petition and not protect the child from some decisions that are irreversible.

Also that man in the end the only one seen with common sense and peep the woman who tells Horowitz that if he's on campus during a pandemic (I assume this was taped this year 2022) he should be wearing a mask. Lady he's outside and if you want to go there he should be socially distanced, yet....anyway. Some people's thought process. 🤷

Anyway this is in line with that interview of de-transitioner Chloe Cole who spoke with Glenn Beck recently.

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