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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Marathon Pundit discusses "pink slime" newspapers

John Ruberry makes reference to some newspapers sent to residents in some parts of the Chicago area published by a printer in association with the suburban Daily Herald. I somewhat know about this because it has been reported on the Capitol Fax.

The person who is responsible for this "pink slime" pieces is longtime conservative activist and one-time gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft who also is running TV ads in this election cycle paid for by People who play by the rules PAC. Ruberry's thesis is that:
With occasional exceptions, the newsrooms of Illinois’ major newspapers are woke echo chambers. They still claim to be the watchdogs for the public, but these so-called journalists are mostly interested in protecting and advancing leftist narratives. Contemporary reporters are a toxic combination of “the cool kids” in high school, with all of their arrogance, and the false ethical superiority of Iran’s morality police. Community newspapers usually only report on petty crime, but if you need to locate the nearest bake sale, well, you know where to find that information. These weekly papers are in fact weakly ones.

If the Illinois media performed their jobs honestly and capably, there’d be no need for “pink slime.”

So allow me to talk about the governor's race in Illinois. Once the primary election was settle in June for the most part most of the focus of the ads I've seen on TV or online had been abortion. I can't say I've seen many ads from Darren Bailey who is the Republican nominee for gov. The Pritzker campaign and I'm sure other  PACs were running ads regarding abortion and certainly using those ads to highlight Bailey's stance on abortion. Basically they emphasize that be doesn't believe in allowing for the exceptions of life of the mother or rape/incest.

Of course at the same time what are the issues of these pink slime papers. The Safe-T act, which has been derided online primarily as a PURGE act. Ever heard of The Purge movies, I have it seems so depressing and dire that a law was written to effective allow almost anything. I've seen the defenses for this act and they seem reasonable.

However, one good point to be made is that politicians from Gov. Pritzker to Attorney General Kwame Raoul are talking about making some tweaks to that law. And Ruberry notes that the law would be effective after the general election in November. So perhaps the Democrats who control this state are worried that this law could affect their electoral prospects.

So basically aside from abortion crime is an important issue. People want to be safe from the criminal element and especially true in Chicago.

Time will tell if this "pink slime" rags are in anyway effective in influencing the results of the 2022 race.

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