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Friday, May 13, 2022

VOX: The George H.W. Bush promise that changed the Republican Party


[VIDEO] Vox is not exactly a right-wing outlet although I did gain something from this analysis which was uploaded to their YouTube channel in May 2018. It wasn't that long before the death of the 41st POTUS later that year.

In any case what could be gained from watching this video is the idea that George Herbert Walker Bush wasn't the natural successor to the Reagan Revolution. They had different ideas as far as economic policies. Those who were a party to the Regan Revolution weren't that trusting of George Bush. And later on it was noted that in 2016 Bush would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton and that the Republican Party  he knew when he was President was hardly recognizable to him.

I don't think of Bush as a bad president. It was strange that his successful conduct of the Gulf War in 1991 didn't result in him winning a second term in 1992. There was a recession not long after that and his successor as POTUS, Bill Clinton was successfully able to translate that to victory. 

Another issue of note was how in the 1988 Republican National Convention he pledged no new taxes only to turn around and raise taxes. This was one moment that legitimately he put his foot in his mouth.

Either way a worthwhile video to watch this morning. Happy Friday.

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