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Friday, January 21, 2022

Tucker: We're watching civilization collapse in real time


[VIDEO] Well the monologue you see on Tucker Carlson's FOX News program is really him ranting about the homeless issue in a number of major cities around America. Public policy isn't really eradicating homelessness, it's in fact enabling it.

The bad news is that the answer to this issue isn't to just give them housing. How many of them in their various states of mental illness or addiction would be willing to settle down in one place with a roof over their head guaranteed (though most likely that's for a limited time anyway if someone else is footing the bill). Also is it really a good idea to let those dealing with addiction issues to have a safe space to continue imbibing their addictions?

Anyway I don't want to paint this issue with a broad brush. The root causes are as varied as the individuals it affects, yeah perhaps some have had a stroke of bad luck. Others well there's only so much one can do unless they are willing to address their addictions. The mentally ill is a whole other issue that is also very difficult. What can one do?

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