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Thursday, December 09, 2021

#Gutfeld: Wokeism relies on this


[VIDEO] Pure fact the Gutfeld show on FOX News Channel is a much more popular show than true late nite talk programs like Late Show with Stephen Colbert or even Tonight with Jimmy Fallon. This is more of a political panel talk that has political satire within and has often been a joy to watch as Greg Gutfeld has hosted similar shows from Red Eye to even the immediate predecessor to his current program The Greg Gutfeld Show.

Every show starts with a monologue which features heavy news content and he starts off with discussing the fact that Democrat/liberal/left want to only date people who hold their same beliefs. It makes the most sense but I think what Gutfeld is going for here is how close minded some people are towards people with a different set of beliefs. It could beg the question on my end would a very ardent Democrat/progressive/liberal/left would consider dating me a Black conservative?

Perhaps when you answer the statement wokeism relies on this, perhaps the end of the sentence could be relies on strict adherence to ideology in all aspects of one's life.

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