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Friday, September 17, 2021

Constitution Day

 Sadly this is not one of those holidays where we could expect a day off, yet that's not to say this day isn't an important one to mark one of America's important documents the U.S. Constitution. Sadly we mark this day for the beating it has been taking as of late during a worldwide pandemic. 

See the Constitution has been taking a beating from day one of its enactment. Today during a worldwide pandemic the issues of public health and individual freedom and the role of gov't are performing a very difficult balancing act.

We want to get out of this pandemic and it's a crime to either fail at social distancing or wearing a mask or currently to go unvaccinated. I saw a story about a hostess at a NYC restaurant assaulted by a patron over a vaccination card. Some places around the country including sports arenas such as Chicago's own United Center you can't attend games unless you have proof of vaccination.

See what I mean about this precarious balancing act. We want to prevent the spread of this virus but we're adding conditions to being able to go about our daily lives as if there is no pandemic. 

We also have a President who's willing to bend the constitution to either maintain a national eviction  moratorium and wants to mandate employers of a certain size that their employees must be vaccinated. Expect a court challenge to that also and the administration will just ignore it also.

Yes the constitution is a framework for how our gov't is supposed to operate. It provides for checks against the different branches of gov't. It also legally provides for our God-given rights and understand what I'm saying with this. These rights aren't just give to us by a document they're given to us by our creator. The right to free speech to worship as we choose to bear arms to have a trial by jury to due process are important rights we either take for granted or unfortunately people are willing to take away just because.

We're losing sight of what makes America an exceptional land and how we became this great nation. And if you see these college students, we should be ashamed that they're ignorant of the U.S. Constitution. [VIDEO]

A lot of those students just believe it's outdated because it's old. I'll bet they don't know what parts are outdated. I'm sure for some they might respond to the fact that white men wrote it. They might respond to the three-fifths compromise which really doesn't matter anymore anyway. Those students have no idea what they're willing to abolish! 

BTW, if you've never seen the constitution see it here

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