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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

California recall fails


[VIDEO] As you see in this clip from Bill O'Reilly the Golden State voted for its own continued decline and not a course correction. Keep in mind next year California has a gubernatorial election and Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to run again.

Regardless in California Democrats appeared to have turned out to retain Gov. Newsome and Republicans stayed home. Also likely true, Newsome bringing up Trump and Trumpism as you see in the clip above is how they started to frame the race. Unfortunately, the 45th POTUS is still a factor, his movement is still a factor. There are plenty of voters out there who really want to destroy Trumpism and even more so anyone who is a Republican who's in line with that.

I do want to share one brightlight Larry Elder isn't just going away. Perhaps he'll run for Governor of California for real next year. Perhaps he'll be the top two candidates to go forward in the general election in November. Here's hoping that Elder could give California Republicans new life. Here's a tweet from the LA Times.

Regardless it seems a state as large and diverse as California has opted for the same failed policies with regards to illegal immigration, economic policies, environmental policies, or crime.

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