Tuesday, March 05, 2019

King Kong Bundy R.I.P.

I try not to do too many wrestling posts on this blog although I've failed to truly cover a variety of subjects here including pro-wrestling. Today the world learned that former wrestling star King Kong Bundy passed away. I might vaguely remember him during his second run in the mid 1990s with the World Wrestling Federation. Without a doubt he was a menacing big man who feuded with the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan during this two stints with the WWF.

Now to switch gears over the years, this blog was consider part of "Blogginois" unfortunately the community that has existed in the mid-2000s have somewhat followed by the wayside however I found an Illinois connection to Bundy real name Christopher Alan Pallies. It's courtesy of Mancow's ig page.
So King Kong Bundy has been featured at Illinois' state fair. Pretty cool!

I've always wanted to go to the Illinois state fair, however, it would be more likely to happen if I knew there were some wrestling events there. It doesn't matter much to me if those events included performers from an indy promotion.

Windy City Wrestling is that connected to the former Windy City Pro Wrestling that folded earlier in this century?

With this said, I had been thinking about doing research on any Chicago territory promotions. I've heard of names such as Bob Luce out there with regards to Chicago wrestling. Regardless aside from knowing matches took place at the old Internat'l Amphitheater in the Chicago Stockyards just off Halsted street, there's very little about local wrestling history that I'm sure of.

I don't know if Rich Miller is a pro-wrestling fan, however, I do wonder if he'd get a kick out of this cover from a past state fair.

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