Saturday, December 01, 2018

George Herbert Walker Bush 41st POTUS R.I.P.

At this point, it's old news as it happened last night. George Herbert Walker Bush was not only the 41st POTUS (he was also the father of the 43rd POTUS George W. Bush) passed away on Friday night.

I was very young when he was president. Remembering that the 1st President Bush was the commander in chief that presided over the first Iraq War. Bush was able to organize and push back Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein back in their invasion of Kuwait back in 1990. It was a short war, but a successful one. Unfortunately this war didn't help his re-election bid the next year.

Not to be negative, but Bush had been the last one term President having been defeated by the 42nd POTUS Bill Clinton. Often we were reminded by Bush's quote at the 1988 GOP National Convention with regards to new taxes. [VIDEO]

Also understand Clinton's favorite slogan "It's the economy stupid".

Either I learned how even if Bush had been a Republican president at the end of the day he was an American. I remember when Clinton as POTUS had asked for a day of service Bush was one public figure who rose to the call and he asked "What's wrong with one American helping another American?" Mr. Bush is right.

Before Bush became President he had been a businessman, a member of the House of Representatives from Texas, Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of Central Intelligence, Chairman of the Republican Nat'l Committee, and Vice President of the United States. He had a very long career in public service. Let's not forget before he returned to Yale to finish college, he had also fought in the 2nd World War as a naval aviator.

I also want to note he came from a political family as his father Prescott Bush was a former US Senator from Connecticut, his aforementioned son himself also became President, another son won the Governorship of Florida, and a grandson was elected Texas Land Commissioner. So it appears the Bush family's commitment to public service continues!

My best wishes to the Bush family as his wife and former FLOTUS Barbara Bush had passed away in April 2018.

BTW, in the history of this blog Bush was the second President to have passed away. The first was one Gerald Ford who passed away in 2006.

BTW, was George Bush a fan of pro-wrestling. Here he is with a Texas promoter Paul Boesch in a post provided by the National Wrestling Alliance - NWA. Boesch had been referred to as a Bush friend.

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