Monday, November 05, 2018


While I watch Monday Night Raw and in recognition of Chicago sports teams winning championships since I started this blog I just published tonite a "Champs" page. It's still not in its final form and so as it's now live it will continue to be edited.

I don't consider myself a huge sports fan, however, I followed the championship teams in recent years of both the Chicago Black Hawks and the Chicago Cubs. I was very happy to see the Cubs end their century long world series championship drought in 2016.

In 2005 the White Sox' championship run only recieving a passing mention on the blog at the time, but they were the first Chicago baseball team to bring a world series back to Chicago since 1917.

Hopefully as the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears - in addition to the Hawks - have just started their respective seasons here's hoping they play well this season. So far the Bears are at the top of the NFC North division. Though I haven't followed the Hawks and Bulls so far.

Perhaps, this will be the time to follow them and see their progress this season. The Bulls I hadn't followed since the last championship team was broken up in 1998 (and it didn't help when most Bulls teams after that suffered losing seasons). The Hawks failed to get into the NHL postseason last season and the Bears well....

At least we have memories of all Chicago teams' success in the past.

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