Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Stossel & Rubin: Leaving the left

[VIDEO] And adding to the video I shared yesterday. The left will eat its own if their own doesn't adhere to for example identity politics. Or as Dave Rubin learned he lost friends because he was no longer part of the leftist clique.

Since he moved to the right however long ago that was, as you will see in this latest video from John Stossel, you have people saying we don't want you in the LGBTQ community. Oh yeah, Rubin is a gay man and he doesn't hold the right views for a gay man. Ah so in a way he's an "Uncle Tom", it's crazy that you can be ostracized only for expressing a different political opinion than what is considered the prevailing point of view you should have.

Let's say whoever should decided as a gay man what Rubin should think? Rubin must be left he's part of another oppressed minority, there's no way he could even be considered a "classical liberal".

I find that this idiocy is nothing, and have occassionally found such during the course of this blog. Even better there have been times I have been subjected to it. A Black man shouldn't be a conservative, he's oppressed by white society thus he needs to go left. Speaking for myself, why should I go left? Why is being a liberal/left/progressive the only way for a Black man?

As for Rubin, he was subjected as you see in this Stossel vid to college kids who want to silence him. Rubin's views were considered if not all of them certainly by some an "act of violence". As a result since they disagree with him he shouldn't be allowed to speak and they won't debate him. They think they're right anyway. Whether left or right, this is something that will prove problematic.

I know of Rubin, however, I never have followed his social media channels. I now will and even subscribed to his YouTube channel.

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