Tuesday, September 04, 2018

No third term for Rahm Emanuel

[VIDEO] Man if I could write a great blog post for next years elections after the municipal elections in February or even the run-offs in April it would ideally be that Rahm Emanuel would be defeated. Of course I will admit that I voted for him twice, and right now I have a tough time seeing who'd be able to step into the mayor's office.

It's been years since I've really followed city politics here on this blog. I'm along way from saying what makes for an ideal mayor. However, you may want to know what I seem to have turned against Emanuel. His time in office by my eyes have not been a rousing success.

From what I can tell one issue of concern right now are the city finances. Emanuel did come in to make the tough choices - especially installing a bag tax so that we won't have those pesky plastic bags laying around in a landfill. Yeah he made a tough choice in closing down 50 public schools which are still controversial 5 years later. Also it seems relations between minorities and police are at an all-time high.

As you see in the above video, the reporter Brad Edwards noted the suspicious timing. If you remember LaQuan McDonald who was shot to death by a police officer who is now on trial. Unfortunately this was revealed during the first year of Emanuel's 2nd term in office. A chant you might have heard related to this "16 shots and a cover-up". McDonald was shot by officer Jason Van Dyke 16 times and footage of this instance were alleged to have been covered up by authorities. It's safe to say that he was hobbled by this and it seems things weren't going to get better.

As I had asked on The Sixth Ward blog what prompted this decision Tuesday and it wasn't a last minute one. Who knows how long ago Emanuel made his decision.

 So now the main question, who's got next after Rahm? Whoever is running for a city office next year are circulating petitions right now. By December we'll find out who will make the ballot for next year. And then we can for the next mayor and hopefully ready for the future challenges the city will face. The main problem is money and of course the violence in the city's poorest neighborhoods.

Meanwhile in a video shared on the other blog about a disrupted protest on the northwest side of Chicago there is a change of "Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Rahm Emanuel has got to go!" Now it's Rahm Emanuel is now going...

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