Tuesday, April 03, 2018

California dreams

[VIDEO] Last week on Tucker Carlson Tonight he hosts Fabio who talks about what's going on in California. Remember I did a post about this recently I once had dreams of living in the Golden State. Unfortunately the leaders of our nation's most populous state have engaged in regressive polices - which certainly includes the current issue of immigration - that have caused the state's middle class to flee!

BTW, Fabio admits that he splits his time between Washington state & California. While I associate Washington as a solid blue state one thing I understand the Evergreen State has is no state income tax. See this is why states like Texas and Florida are winning while California is experiencing it's issues.

California has been known as the Golden State, however, it's not looking so golden. If California is known place of wealth with currently the 6th largest economy in the world it also known for high poverty rates. As Tucker puts it Gov. Jerry Brown and other officials throughout the state are making waves clashing with President Trump and federal authorities as far as illegal immigration instead of addressing the real issues of California.

Consider this a piggy back off of another segment Tucker did last week with regards to Skid Row in LA, which you can watch in my post from last week.

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