Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Illinois primary 2018 #ILGOV #twill

This result surprised me, I was just certain that the saturation of JB Pritzker would only serve to backfire on him. Instead it worked for him and he beat a member of the prominent Kennedy family. That name just isn't magic in this state right now.
What does this set up? A race between two wealthy white males for Illinois governor. I recognize many aren't happy with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner who for two years presided over an unprecendented budget stalemate against his archnemesis Michael Madigan - speaker of this state's House of Representatives.

You know what this means, since Rauner barely eked out a victory in his primary race with Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives - who is very conservative compared to Rauner - I just know with Pritzker in the race and aligned with Madigan, there is going to be some serious mudslinging. We're going to get a short break now that the primary is over, but once the campaign season starts again expect nothing but negative ads in this campaign. Will the strategy for either candidate be "they go low, we go high"?

Meanwhile another thing I found on Twitter - or more accurately retweeted by state politics guru Rich Miller of CapFax
This shows how crucial the Chicago area is in state elections. You want to win statewide got to chip away at some of the votes in Chicago. The city and Cook County is a solidly Democrat part of the state and this is what makes or breaks statewide election bids.

Of course the question is how does this fact bode for the Novemember elections? All those who pulled Democrat ballots in April out of Chicago won't all vote for Democrat candidates in November.

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