Thursday, February 01, 2018

My Mind's Eye is back!

Though in a different iteration I've brought back My Mind's Eye. I had shut down the original currently dubbed The Eye! just about 10 years ago because I had believed the concept had run it's course.

While I seem to be on a meme kick as of late, hopefully you will see some of the photos taken on my iPhone and some original videos also shot on my iPhone. Perhaps some other creative endeavors will be shown there as well. Time will only tell.

Been sitting on this since blog September of 2014. A prominent photo there is of a huge donut that you can get at Dat Donut on 83rd & Cottage Grove. Nifty thing and certainly one donut that can be shared with more than one person.

This is probably going to be a relatively easy blog to maintain aside from the videography as most of the photos and memes will just be e-mailed to this blog. Furthermore the other part of the work here is that when I get to a computer there will be further edits and formats before publishing.

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