Saturday, February 24, 2018

Added a gun rights page

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The gun rights page is now published. It basically has the text of the 2nd amendment and section 22 of the Illinois constitution with regards to the right to bear arms. Perhaps I can do more work on this page in the future as of now I want to keep it basic. Let me know what you think I should add to it, can even add a comment section there.

I also wanted an excuse to share this article with you with regards to Philando Castile. With apologies to Woodlawn Wonder ;)
As of late I'm seeing some anger with the NRA - National Rifle Association. Many companies are cutting ties with the NRA including airlines who are no longer allowing discounts for those members who attend NRA conventions. This reaction is in light of the February 14, 2018 school shooting in Florida, that I avoided really covering here on this blog.

While as of late we're hearing ideas about whether or not trained gun toting teachers should be allow to carry at school. Another fact from that shooting is that there were sheriff's deputies outside of this Florida school who stood outside Parkland High School and did nothing. Those who support gun control and believe guns should only be in the hands of police or military personnel. This is why we need a second amendment and the ability of citizens without badges or military service to use a firearm to protect themselves.

Now as far as Philando Castile I can put this in the same category. The police officer who shot & killed Castile in 2016 is no longer on the police force in St. Anthony, Minnesota although he was aquitted in a trial in 2017. It's imaginable that the police officer who killed Castile might have been nervous during a traffic stop, and shot Castile in front of his wife and child. At that Castile did everything right, he left the officer know he had a gun in the car. Now in that article above Castile's mother believes that the NRA didn't do enough to advocate for her late son.

And the NRA builds itself as the defender of gun rights for Americans right? Well according to his mother the NRA didn't say much when her son was killed by a police officer even though he told the officer of his firearm and went through the process of getting a gun. The NRA didn't real help to speak up for him as he exercised his rights in the correct way.

On the other hand I recognize that this current boycott of the NRA is really about gun control. There is a segment of this nation who doesn't want citizens with guns. A crazy with a gun willing to shoot innocent people is an excuse for not only keeping guns out of the hands of mentally deranged people. It can quickly become a means to keep guns away from those who aren't likely to engage in such an heinous act.

This is why I started the gun rights page, and if there's any further information you think I should add feel free to let me know.

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