Monday, September 25, 2017

Marking the purchase of a new iPhone

[VIDEO] Ten years ago I bought a Motorola Razr phone which at that point was the most stylish phone of the time. It wasn't very difficult to find that phone is some of the TV series of that time which was roughly late 2000s. Essentially it was the first phone I owned that had a camera, and this was for the most part a new thing. Camera phones more or less became available roughly mid-2000s.

That same year 2007, came the first iPhone - the product launch you see above and this was something I slept on. It was likely I was aware during that time of Apple computers , however, it was in my head that they were expensive. Not only that I largely had used a PC all my life, which includes computers at my mother's job, at school, or even at home. An Apple - or a Mac if you will - would be a new concept which at that point and still even now, I was unwilling to even make the transition. Although I always thought Apple computers did things easier than a PC could.

Anyway, I had little concept back then of this so-called "smartphone" and still being in college at the time all that occurred to me with such phones where that they were expensive. Not just for the phones themselves but the other services they offered such as text, internet, email, ect. If the phone cost $100 - let's just say - then the additional services could cost just as much. And it wasn't until roughly 2010 when I started working that it was necessary to enter the smartphone era with a Blackberry Bold.

Then it was interesting that by 2012, I transitioned to an iPhone 4S. I went from a Razr flip phone, to a Blackberry that had a physical keyboard with a tracking pad to scroll the screen, and then to a total touch screen device. The 4S remains my one of my favorite phones of all time although eventually I had to transition to another iPhone two years later.

Another thing I recognize is how the transmission of photos have changed. Many of the photos there on this blog and others I've started over the years were in the beginning taken on my Razr. I could literally text the photos to Blogger, Twitter, or even Facebook and then eventually I could use e-mail to send pics. Usually the e-mail I'd send photos from was from an e-mail that may contain my phone number. Then later that became outmoded and eventually to share photos to social media one needed an app. Then by 2012 here comes Instagram and it became easier than ever.

Recently I have transitioned not to the latest iPhone, but the iPhone 6S plus. It's an oversized phone - well a "phablet" to be more precise - but the larger screen I was keen on trying out. Of course I had a 4.7" screen with the iPhone 6 and it was something of an adjustment from the 3.5" screen size of the 4S.

Having become keen on the olloclip lens I bought for the 6, I opted to only upgrade to the 6S plus because the lenses I bought were only compatible with the form factor of the 6 or 6S plus. In the short term this will save me some money and I can keep snapping pictures on my still new phone. Also I wasn't ready to get a brand new phone although that could happen down the line. Also I never liked the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus because the form factor was too similar to the 6 & 6 plus. Although the cameras were far different than with the previous phones, the 7 Plus had dual cameras on the back of the device.

I'm elated that the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus has somewhat returned to the form factor of the iPhone 4 & 4S. There's still a 4.7" & 5.5" screen however this time the touchscreen isn't surrounded by a metal body. Basically the metal parts of the phone is sandwiched by glass. Glass for the touch screen on front of phone, and of course glass on the back of phone. The only difference from four generations ago in addition to the larger screen side is the phone is much thinner.

And since the iPhone is now 10 years old essentially there is an premium anniversary edition called the iPhone X - btw X=10 so not merely iPhone X but iPhone 10. Now this iteration of the iPhone will be available by November and this version I'm definitely iffy about. It certainly resembles somewhat the android phones that I've noticed - say a Samsung - many are far more fond of for a variety of reasons I'll allow android users to explain. In fact the new iPhone releases this year only sparked this debate between iPhone and androids.

With this being said who knows if iPhone is losing it's position as far as smartphones. Apple could at some point lose its leadership and nothing is forever. Then again since the original iPhone had been announced in 2007, the mobile phone world changed rapidly since that time. And it will continue to change in the future.

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