Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charlie Gard

I'm going to ache for Charlie's parents. I don't yet have any children but it's shame what happened during the course of at least the past month of so. They wanted their baby who isn't yet a year old to have a chance at life, and unfortunately were thwarted by health and legal authorities in Britain and Europe.

The authorities didn't want them to attempt to sent their baby who is suffering from a rare genetic condition. This story even elicitied a tweet from the President indicating that he would like to help facilitate a visit for the parents and child to visit this nation so that they could seek further treatment for their boy.

Sadly we learned that it's too late. His life is over and he's not even one-full year! Unfortunately parents and doctors disagree over the appropriate course of action, however, in Great Britain doctors can seemingly overrule parents. Seeking an experimental treatment for this child in his condition they believed would cause the child more pain. So the doctors got backed up by the courts who and the course of action the doctors intended was to take this 11-month-old off of life support.

The parents of Charlie has found out after an examination that this experiment treatment isn't like to help him. Whatever damage from this genetic condition has been too far advance for this experiment treatment to do any good.

So, these death panels we hear about especially during the debate over Obamacare? Well we see one example if we look into created a socialized single-payer health care system in America. You as a parent want to help your child, but the resources to treat your child they may decide needs to go elsewhere because medicine did all they could and the condition isn't changing. I just got to say that's cold! Perhaps there's a virtue to a consumer based system Charlie's parents should be able to get second or third opinions.

So with the opinion of an American doctor - as far as this experimental treatment is over - and that means his parents have ended all appeals. And Charlie's life will end soon and it hadn't even gotten off the ground.

Finally I shared this video over at E.M. during the past month and in relation to Charlie's case. I will share it here - although it's a 10-year-old vid. An example of how a public health care system many not always work in favor of someone who absolutely needs treatment. [VIDEO]

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