Thursday, May 04, 2017

This is not a gun club I want to join...

[VIDEO] This video has done nothing more than inspire me to go to a range in Illinois and take some gun safety lessons. Thus if I ever do a video or photo-op of myself with a gun I will have the satisfaction of know that there is no joking with me and a gun.

 These guys on the other hand well I'm glad that they recognize their constitutional right to bear arms - even if there are those who believe they're only doing this to intimidate. Still it's OK to shoot your guns, but hopefully you record yourself hitting something. Or at least record yourself taking instruction on the use of a firearm.

 And I should note there are those who see that as comedy, I don't. There's nothing amusing about watching people who don't seem to know how to use a gun.

BTW, I feel it's appropriate to share this image found from my old high school - GO FALCONS - a good message for anyone who may be interesting in learning how to shoot a firearm.
While I can focus on shooting a pistol, I'd be very keen on trying an assault rifle for size. Perhaps show my range with a variety of firearms.

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