Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reactivated an old project...

At some point in the last 7 or so years I started an Instapundit like blog called Electric Moleskin. I've always considered this blog a flagship and hopefully it will continue to be. However, I don't write here as often as I'd like and on top of that I want to really use this space to flesh out some opinions on national issues.

It'll be more important here than on E.M. where hopefully I can just do quick links about the news of the day. It just forces me to keep an eye on a variety of current events. Although my initial idea was to just focus as much on Black issues as I can.

One of those issues you will see is the sudden failure of the Chicago-based Black-owned Seaway National Bank. Something I wrote about often enough on my other major blog, The Sixth Ward.

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