Monday, January 16, 2017

This long running blog...

I started this blog 12 years ago while a student at Morehouse College. It's likely the account to set up this blog was created in a computer lab while at school.

This blog has at times helped me focus on class or has been a needed distraction. Who knows, but over the years it has gotten some significant linkbacks and enabled me to do other projects.

For example I briefly wrote for the now defunct Gaper's Block on their political section. I also wrote for a time on the statewide Illinoize blog created by Rich Miller which is largely defunct today as well even if there somewhat infrequent posts there now.

Also I should note many of those significant linkbacks came from The Capitol Fax and one came from Instapundit. That was a funny development all the sudden I got the most comments on any post for that day ever and likely the first major series of traffic. And despite trying I never got one again.

This blog somewhat represents how I saw the medium of the world wide web aka the internet. My plan was to explore creating a website and then content people want to see. For example I once had a geocities page, and now that free service is defunct.

Blogging had been around in some form since I had been a senior in high school. In fact this service I used Blogger had been around that long. One minor problem, I knew nothing about it for a number of years until I went away to school or indeed discovered other blogs written by everyday people. More accurately, I found out about Blogger playing around on Protest Warrior.

After 12 years I'm still glad people want to read this "soapbox". This is my space to express my opinion even if many choose to disagree with it and they're free to. As long as I can continue to come up with content this space will be where you will see it.

In addition it inspired me to set up other blogs for different subjects. For example, The Sixth Ward is largely devoted to neighborhood and city/state politics. Also there is the Shedd School blog which has a similar purpose and still looking for a comfortable direction for that blog. Still both are locally centered and this blog hopefully will look at more general topics.

Either way I hope you all have a wonderful and restful MLK Jr. holiday which is the day this post is both written and published. :)

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