Sunday, December 18, 2016

VIDEO: How Liberals really feel about black people

[VIDEO] The opposition I've heard to voter ID laws go back almost a decade to my time at Morehouse College. What you see these liberals say on that university campus in the above video I've heard from a professor when I was still in school. Blacks can't afford IDs, they can't get to a place to get ID, and probably more than that.

I understand the need for such laws to insure that election workers know who's voting in their respective precincts. Plus many arguments in favor is that well if it's about access to getting IDs authorities can come to your home and even then you need not have to go to your local motor vehicles department to get an ID. Here in Chicago many of us have a voter registration card, no picture ID but certainly if an election judge asks is something you can provide to them when you vote at your precinct.

BTW, in my experience as a voter no election judge here has ever asked to see my voter registration card or a picture ID. Well maybe it's not yet law in Chicago or in the state of Illinois to ask for a picture ID to vote. Regardless it has never happened.

So the man you see in the above video, Ami Horowitz visits Berkeley, CA to speak to people on a university campus to express their feelings on voter ID laws and whether or not this suppresses Black votes. Then Horowitz travels to Harlem, NYC to find a Black person who doesn't have an ID, doesn't know where their local motor vehicles office is located, knows anyone who doesn't have an ID, doesn't have access to the internet, or even can't visit their local motor vehicles department.

The video above was posted to YouTube not long before the 2016 elections. Hat-tip Newsalert!

BTW, Morehouse is located in Georgia if you want to know that state's experiences with voter ID check out Peach Pundit. I'll especially share this link which shows the legal fight over the enactment of this policy. A judge dismissed this policy as a "poll tax" in his ruling.

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