Monday, October 24, 2016

What is going on at Morehouse?

I'm interrupting the Cubs' pennant winning celebration on this blog for this report from the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. There is a plan to raise costs of attendance and mandate that students stay on campus through junior year.
The cost of attending Atlanta’s historically black Morehouse College has increased by more than $10,000 a year for some students.

The all-male college is requiring its 2,100 students to live on campus at least three years – not just freshmen, as had been its tradition.

That guarantees Morehouse, which is rebounding from several years of enrollment and cash flow declines, about $13,000 in mandatory room and board fees from each sophomore and junior, over and above tuition and student fees running about $26,700 per year per student.

Cathy Tyler, executive director of strategic communications for Morehouse, says the college gave students a heads-up about the change when they were freshmen and saw no backlash as it was put in place for the Class of 2017.

But the policy is being criticized in an online petition calling for the ouster of Morehouse President John S. Wilson Jr. and his senior leadership team.

The petition, which was launched Oct. 1, says requiring students to live on campus through their junior year is “unethical” and places “the school’s financial burdens on the backs of parents and students.”
This news comes the week of homecoming when many alumni and friends come from all over to engage in many facilities but mainly to show their support. Support not only for the institution but for the football team as there is a game to be played on Saturday.

Question is while it seems this plan has been in the works, how likely it is that those anonymous petition signers will get most of what they ask for?

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