Thursday, March 17, 2016

Surnames in politics and recognition

Years ago it was noted that anyone voting for Judge - it seems like a difficult process especially in Cook County which has a humongous court system - seems to look for an Irish name. They don't look for someone most qualified they look for an Irish name. I've heard aspiring judges who aren't Irish change their names to help them in their bids.

Then at Capitol Fax, I see a story about foreign sounding names that cost some aspiring Trump delegates their spots. We're not that open minded in this state apparently.

I consider although this does seem like a stupid question, Barack Obama is a "foreign" name how did he make it in Chicago politics at least? Well if you read the comments to the link above Obama - and hopefully for the best - may have changed that.

BTW, I wonder if Rich Miller thinks that there could be a brokered convention judging by his last comment. I recognize that he tends to stay away from national politics.

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