Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terrorism in France

France on Friday was the subject of very coordinated and violent terrorist attacks from this terrorist group known as ISIS. There were some coordinated attacks in France's capitol city of Paris which resulted in casualties and many deaths. I'm talking about it because at the end of his program last night Stephen Colbert talked about this attack and before his program James Corden gave his thoughts as well.

I consider the fact that America had been attacked by terrorists on Sept. 11th a day we continue to mark although it has been over 15 years at this point. This attack is considered the greatest one-time slaughter of people in our history.

I see similarities between what happened to us on 9/11 and what happened in France on 11/13. Yeah the circumstances might be slightly different in addition to the reasons and methods however I see one similarity. It's not something we can easily get away from.

I've learned from taking courses in international studies that there is no solidly defined term for terrorism as far as such organizations as the UN are concerned. Many of us may have our definition of terrorism but are they the most accepted definitions.

My definition is an action that results in death for a political aim. In 9/11 there was a political aim by Al-Qaeda and the late Osama Bin Laden just as it seems ISIS terrorists justified their coordinated attacks on France by her involvement in Syria.

My only observation on terrorist involves the idea of an individual. Terrorists of any stripe believe it's OK to harm people to achieve some sort of objective. Perhaps the objective here was to force France to withdraw from Syrian affairs.

Either way James Corden noted the human effect of these attacks on the Late Late Show. How someone could go somewhere and you'll never see them again because they died from something such as this. If you get nothing else out of this, realize that on Friday someone lost a father/mother/brother/sister/friend in Paris and all because of something that essentially had little to do with them.

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