Friday, October 23, 2015

Saw "Steve Jobs"

Earlier this week I finally saw Steve Jobs. It's the 2nd biopic of the Apple Computers founder and this new effort was written by Aaron Sorkin who's responsible for A Few Good Men, The West Wing, The American President, etc.

It seems like a much stronger film than Ashton Kutcher's Jobs from 2013. This one had more drama with the anointed John Scully and Jobs' eventual ouster from the company he created. Of course there was the drama of the products launches in addition to his family drama. The film mostly focused on his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chrisann and their daughter Lisa.

It seemed Jobs was more about building the legend at least the legend we know today. The legend who had it somewhat rough during Apple's developing years. Then he became the man who created the iPod, iPhone, iPad and redesigned the Mac as we know it today. In fact it's funny how it seemed the original Macintosh didn't seem to be the most ideal product for that time and now the whole line of desktops and laptops are called Macs.

Both films in their own way addressed Jobs' family drama - in Jobs Lisa was actually living with his new family and ultimately his return to Apple. Sorkin's effort seem to suggest well Jobs had a plan to get Apple back. He had to leave to get Apple back.

Ashton Kutcher was believable in Jobs even looked like him at various points. Michael Fassbender probably had a harder time but was convincing. It would be a tough vote to determine who resembled and acted the part better.

BTW, because of both movies now I must decide if it's worth expanding beyond the iPhone and iPad and get myself a Mac.

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