Monday, October 05, 2015

Another job hunting anniversary coming up...

We're approaching an anniversary of sorts this month. I noted another anniversary which involved an interview which turned into a bust. To be honest, it frustrated me even in spite of all that happened afterwards. It was a dodged bullet, but it was frustrating because it seemed like a give me and it didn't happen.

Fast forward to two years later and my frustration was less about that opportunity and more about my inability to land a job offer even in several different industries. I'm talking retail, finance, or even entertainment and more frustrating was some interviews were good and still nothing.

Now in 20/20 hindsight perhaps I failed to connect. The interviews where I did get the job typically it seemed they were interested in my education to start. Probably some other aspects too, but basically the signals were there. In some cases the interview went well but it seemed the interviewer was ready to get me out of there with not much of a proper appreciative gesture.

Anyway I had one interview which tickled me and why was because it was unexpected. It was a fail to be honest but only because I didn't get it. I consider that at that point it was time for me to leave the job, but was it in my best interest to remain in that industry for that time. Oh yeah that industry was entertainment - film exhibition movie theaters.

The seminal interview that began that odd streak of rejections was for management and so was this interview. It was not at the start or even midpoint, but at the end as it turned out when I finally did get a job offer.

I never expected to be a candidate to be a manager at another movie theater chain and this would have provided the growth I had been looking for. I basically winged this interview which is truly not the best idea, but it was unusual in that well the folks who I had interviewed with called me from another state. I went into this with interest but I was like wtf. Learned later on that this is what they do so I was semi prepared but not totally.

I gave some good answers to their questions especially one I would like to share and shows where my head was at during that period of time. The question was regarding how would I motivate the workforce. My answer involved rewards knowing that concession revenue is how a theater makes money we want to encourage the workers to consistently upsell and suggestive sell. I never offered any details although in my head this would start with monetary rewards.

I felt as if I connected very well with the interviewers, but with the knowledge they've had of my job back then perhaps I realize my iffiness. While I sort of obsessed over this opportunity, now perhaps I'm glad it didn't happen. It was time to pursue other opportunities and do something different as happened eventually.

The way I see it now, if I was to break back into that business after going in another direction they key now is to do something different. Get the benefit of working in a different setting or organization and even moving up. The next management interview, I'll have some different ideas and perhaps be a better candidate.

In the meanwhile, I can only wait for the right opportunity. The next opportunity to move up and ahead.

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