Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sandra Bland

I've been hearing about the odd case of Sandra Bland. She had been arrested after a very tense traffic stop and then later found in her jail cell hanged. It seems since what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO that police have been taking a beating from the Black community.

I would dare say in some cases such as what happened to that man in South Carolina shot fleeing from police, rightfully so. In other cases I can't say it's in black & white but the story of Ms. Bland raises my eyebrow. Bland had actually moved to Texas to work at her college alma mater Prairie View A & M.

Officially her death is ruled a suicide and apparently there is evidence that she suffered from mainly a videoblog where she discussed having depression & PTSD. Odd case, did this young woman really commit suicide? Or was she in serious need of psychological help?

Rightfully the fact that she was found hanging in a jail cell should raise all of our concerns whether or not you consider this a racial issue or not. Especially to determine if there was any foul play involved...

WGN-TV posted dashcam footage of Bland's traffic stop released from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. I have no plans to watch - although thankfully nothing violent happened even if there was some physicality - perhaps it might show something as well. If I did watch I wouldn't be sure what to look for.

I've also just learned that her death is being investigated as a murder so hopefully we can piece together what happened to her.

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Anonymous said...

Her death has been officially ruled as a suicide. The medical examiner stated that a few weeks prior to her arrest, Sandra had slit her wrists at least 30 times. Yet, her family and friends insist that she would never commit suicide. They are either blind, liars, or both not to see those marks. Her autopsy also revealed that she had a high concentration of marijuana in her system unlike he's ever see. To have that much marijuana in her system even after being in jail for 3 days tells me Sandra smoked A LOT of drugs.

It also tells me that Sandra's family and friends really didn't know what was going on her life. They also stated that she was emotionally and spiritually strong. Not true. Sandra was emotionally and spiritually unstable and broken. Most likely, they assumed that Sandra would get better. There are claims of conflicting facts about this case. The only conflicting statements were made by Sandra herself. While being questioned, Sandra told the jailer that she hadn't thought about committing suicide, then she told another one that she did. She stated 2 different years that she suffered a miscarriage. Sandra wasn't in her right mind while she was locked up. And Sandra problems existed long before her arrest.

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