Friday, June 05, 2015

This is a disturbing story...

I found this story disturbing enough a family beat a pregnant 14-year-old girl and it results in the death of the unborn child. Without actually reading the story, I presumed that this was a conventional teenager gets pregnant story. Of course many people would say 14 is too young to even think about having children.

Well I read the story, it turns out she had been raped by a relative. Now this story takes an even more disturbing turn. This couldn't possibly happen in America a young girl gets sexually assault and the family beats her to force a miscarriage - and I'm not sure that's an accurate term with an unborn child at 8 months.

Not that I follow world events as voraciously as I should but things like this we hear about in other parts of the world where it seems easier to blame the victim of sexual assault. What I'm truly upset about is that this girl experienced a lot of trauma already at a young age. She had been sexually assaulted and lost her baby.

This is a time for her to enjoy her adolescence and at the very least get her high school diploma. My hope is that there will be justice for this girl for what her family did to her and the unborn child! Especially justice for the family member who raped this girl!

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