Friday, May 15, 2015

Been years since I even cared about the Bulls
Chicago Bulls ig
I'm not at all an NBA fan and haven't been since the Bulls won their final NBA title. In recents years the Bulls have made appearances in the playoffs only to be eliminated by at least the conference semi-finals.

The new face of the team is Englewood's Derrick Rose who has had some bad season ending injuries in recent years. To be honest I made some cheap shots on him at least to those I consider friends of mine. Of course the recently concluded series caused me to change my mind about Rose.

To start a lot of people buzzed about the game winning shot that Rose nailed at the buzzer. Unfortunately that proved to be the last game the Bulls won in the series against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. DRAT! I really wanted to see a game seven too.

All that shot by Rose in game four did was to really bring some excitement to Bulls basketball although the playoffs ended for them prematurely. I still wouldn't mind seeing another NBA title come to Chicago. In the meanwhile here's hoping the Black Hawks will get something going in their Stanley Cup conference finals!

You know remind me to tell you why I stopped watching the NBA. The Bulls' suckitude after the breakup of the final championship team wasn't the only reaso.

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